Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Traditions: Cake on Christmas Day

I am on family vacation for the holiday, but while I'm gone, you are in for a treat from some sweet friends. They're sharing their Christmas traditions with us! If you missed one, click here to catch up. Happy reading!
By Tammy HodgeI love traditions. Growing up my Mama was the queen of them. Each year at Christmas time us kids knew what to expect. There were jobs for all of us... Stringing lights on the tree, stringing popcorn, tossing tinsel on the tree, spraying fake snow out of a can on the front windows (Southern California Christmas time is special like that), helping to pick the Holiday menu and shopping for it. Mama covered all the bases.

So, when I grew up and had a family of my own, I realized that my mother had taken all the great traditions. What was left for us?


I am the only Believer in my family, so, as a Christian my celebration of Christmas is a bit different than it used to be when I was a child. If I am now choosing to honor the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas day then we are just gonna have to have a party.

A Birthday Party!

When my kids were very young we started our own little tradition of baking a birthday cake together on Christmas Eve. We’d all decorate it however we wanted. And this cake was for Jesus and we got to eat it on Christmas morning. For breakfast.

That’s right. Cake for breakfast. I either get the bad mommy award or best mommy award. Depends on who’s voting ;)
Most kids go to their stockings or presents under the tree first thing on Christmas morning. But mine? No...they go directly to the platter of sugar for Jesus.

But let me clarify...this isn’t just about getting to eat cake for breakfast. It’s about setting our first moments on Christmas morning aside to read about the birth of Christ, to remind ourselves why we celebrate and why we give gifts. It’s just a great, and delicious, way to begin one of the most beautiful days of the year! A tradition we still take part in, even though my kids are now 17 and 15, they still look forward to this tradition. One I hope they carry on with their families some day.
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About Tammy: I live in beautiful Nashville, TN with my husband, Brent, of 20 years and my two fantabulous children Kassidi, 17 andDakota, 15. Brent is a Campus Pastor at Cross Point Community Church - North Campus. I am in the process of writing my first book titled, “The Day I Told My Daughter”. You can read more about that on the My Story page. If I could share one thing with everyone I ever meet it would be that we do not have to live under the pain and regrets of our life’s choices or hurts. That we can allow them to grow us…grow us into something powerful that God can, and will, use to reach His people.Where to Find her:Taminprogress.comTwitter

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