Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Feature: There Once was a Girl.

The once was a girl who flew across the country to go to bible college in a land she'd never known. She nervous about the unfamiliarity yet excited about the adventure and independence. Little did she know just how much those hallways would shape her life and direction. Little did she know just how influential those professors would be in her passion for writing and compassion. Little did she know just how much her career path would become clearer because of the opportunities that seized her during those ripening days.  

2 years later she returned to her alma-mater and led worship for her favorite chapel of the week.
That girl was me and that school is Grace Bible College.

I spent 2 of the most wonderful years of my life @ that school and as I walked about it today all the memories came flooding back. Teachers that I missed dearly, friends I hadn't seen in 2+ years, and yes, even the cafeteria warmed my heart. 

It says alot about a college when student come back with the fondest of memories. Grace isn't a flashy school. It is very homey and down to earth, settled in the old time suburbs of Grand Rapids, MI. But if there is one thing it has on any other school is the world it is heritage. Grace has deep deep heritage that, I believe, has immense influence on the lives of every student that walks through those tan hallways doors. 

I love my college. I love the people I met there. I love what I learned. Even the hard stuff.

Today I am a happy girl, with a smile from ear to ear. 

Happy Friday! 


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