Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Smelly Ending.

Question: What kind of animal tracks are these? Look closely.

These are skunk tracks.

How do I know, you ask...well I wouldn't normally know that. Those look like deer or rabbit or squirrel tracks for all I know. But there is one key to this puzzle I have not yet revealed.

The key is that at 4:00AM Monday morning my dear friend Cara woke me up from her sofa bed and alerted me that there was a strong smell in the house and it might be a gas leak so we needed to leave asap. As I sat up and when my senses rushed back to me, I was greeted with the strongest, most piercing nasty scent I have ever smelt.

The next morning, her landlord called and after he checked everything out, his conclusion was that a skunk sprayed somewhere in the ventilation system and steamed the entire house. Pee-you. 

So after she googled some "how-to's" about getting rid of skunk smell, we went back to gather our things and did laundry for the remainder of our day. 

It wasn't all a loss however. She lives 10 minutes from Lake Michigan so in between loads we took Ty to see the gorgeous frozen over lake and walked through downtown Holland. This isn't a Cali-type lake. It is one of the Great Lakes. So it's pretty much an ocean with no waves and no sharks. Ty's kinda body of water eh? :) 

I found a little creative shop that I fell in love with [and will soon be doing a Friday Feature on] and Cara took me to her friend's Art Bar. It is exactly what it sounds like. A building full of stuff to make art: from a piano full of beads and jewelry to a wall of scrapbook paper and the like. It was heaven. 

We ended our day with showers, folding laundry and playing Bananagrams. Oh how I love friends and Bananagrams. 

Home now and finding out there's yet another level of exhaustion. 

Be back full force this week.

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