Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday Obsession: My Very Own Travel Kit

Tuesday night a friend of mine texted me to ask if she could come over. I told her I'd be home in 20 minutes and of course she could come over. What I thought was going to be a girly convo turned out to be a cry fest and a big box of travel goodies. 

She made me my very own travel kit! Just because she loves me.

Here's some pics I snapped before I tore into it. 

Adorable right? 

She even wrote verses on each item to encourage me in the truth during my fast-paced time. With the crazy busy week before, emotions going crazy and running on bare minimum hours of sleep, this sweet gift was so perfectly timed that it made me cry. [I know, babyish of me, but it's just the darn truth.]

So thanks Kandis for making my day. 

Happy Saturday. Tomorrow Ty and I are going to this church. Worship review to come. 


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