Sunday, November 6, 2011

3 Things NOT to Do When Mishap Strikes

I have a funny story.

Our church has a rule that any and every drummer that steps foot onto that platform has to play with a drum condo. Basically, it's a giant plexiglass wall and some baffles on top. Not the most sufficient, but definitely efficient. Until last night. 

Last night, after the climax of the bridge in Hosanna, I heard a loud shatter to what I thought was my left. In formal Worship Leader Training Boot Camp we are taught to be non-reactive. I made that up, there is no real Worship Leader Training Boot Camp, but there is this known law that whenever you're on stage and something goes terribly wrong, just don't react. 

So I didn't. As I proceeded to sing the rest of the song, I thought of all the things that could have just happened. My eyes were closed and I kept them that way otherwise I would have frantically looked around to find the glass. Well, what I thought was my co-worship leader's iPad shatter, was actually the drum shield behind me collapsing on the drummer.

Not only did the drum shield just collapse on the drummer, causing a loud cracking sound, it also scraped the guitar player's hand, flew his stand to the ground and broke some buttons on a monitor. 

I realized it was him when he didn't come in on the build of the last chorus and ended the song rather quickly...

All of this is leading up to this riveting question:

What do you do when a mishap distracts your worship service?

Do you keep going and hope no one noticed? Sometimes I guess if it's small enough. But when it's something like 1/3 of the stage falling apart, you can't really blow that off.

I may not know exactly the right thing TO DO in that situation, but I've been a part of a couple church blunders and I know there are 3 things we should definitely NOT do. 

1. DO NOT Spiritualize it. 
Sometimes this stuff happens and the tendency may be for us to think of all the ways we could fit it into the worship set, but I'd advise you to do otherwise. [Unless you're really quick on your feet and can crack a congregational relevant joke. They love those!] A small part of you, out of panic, may feel the tendency to say something like, "The Enemy is attacking our service and so we will just sing louder..." or something to that degree. Don't do it. It's most likely not the Enemy but rather old equipment, someone's blunder, or just plain forgetfulness. 

2. DO NOT Ignore it. 
If people saw it, acknowledge it. Otherwise there'll be a humongous elephant in the room for the rest of your service and what you thought you were preventing is actually magnified because everyone's thinking, "Are they gonna say something or...." Acknowledge it and it may momentarily ruin the vibe of worship but it'll be better in the long run. 

3. DO NOT Dwell on it. 
Once you've moved on, let it go for the rest of the service. Now, when you're back in the back room go to town with the jokes and story recap but on stage don't mention it after every song because it will re-break the flow. Let it be what it is. 

Do you have any funny mishap stories?? 
^^^Opinions, two-cents, questions and ramblings are welcome. And go above. Go ahead. Try it.

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