Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Heart Singing // A New JM E-Course

Yes I do. I seriously love singing. I sing all the time and I know most of you do too! 
But there are some of you out there who are thinking, Man I wish I could sing... And I'm here to tell you you can! Yes, you. All of you! 

It's my life mission to prove it. Though some are born with more natural gifting and talent, your vocal chords are just muscles. And like any other muscle, when it's worked out and taught properly, it can be trained to do well. 

This E-Course, I {Heart} Singing, will give you the tools you need to understand the method and magic behind singing [I'll give you a hint, it's not as magical as you think ;)]. It will also push you outside of your comfort zone to connect heart, mind, and soul through song. 

Also incorporated in this course is Journalling. I don't believe singing is just opening your mouth and making beautiful sounds. It's much more than that. The Journal Prompts take you through the emotional development side of singing and music. See for yourself! 

Taught all through video, each session includes an instructional video with me walking you through the lesson, homework for that week, and a journal prompt to complete. Each portion of this course is intricately weaved so that you are engaging your head, heart, and hands through this whole process. 
Sessions Include:

Daily Vocal Exercises
Warming up and exercising your voice is the first and most important rule of the singing thumb. These videos will walk you through 8+ techniques for developing your range, tone, and vocal strength.

1: Everyone Can Sing
In the very first lesson of this course I can prove to you that everyone can sing. In this session I bust some common misconceptions about the vocal chords and whether singing is talent or work.

2: The Logistics of Singing
Just like any part of the human body, there is never just one thing working. It takes 4 of the major organs in your body to make singing happen. Find out what those are in this session!

3: A Universal Language
Ever wonder why people can have strong speaking accents, but when they sing their accent seems to disappear? This sessions talks about music and singing specifically as the universal language.

4: Breathe Like a Baby
We are born breathing correctly. When we grow up, we need more air more quickly and develop new breathing habits. As singers, we have to retrain specific muscles in our body to breathe the way we did naturally when we were born! Weird right??

5: Singing is Listening
Did you know that one of the most important singing organs in your body are your ears?? Find out why! And I promise you, you are probably not really tone deaf.

6: Music Communicates
Music speaks to the deepest part of your soul. It does more than just sound beautiful. It communicates in ways that nothing else can. This session teaches you to do more than just sing. It teaches you the tools and need to communicate through your singing.

7: Meet Stage Fright
Everyone gets it and most people never overcome it. This sessions gives you real practical techniques and exercises, that I personally use, to get through the brick wall of stage fright.

Stories, health extras, wallpapers, downloads, and much more fun stuff for you to play with!

Everyone loves music. Everyone loves singing. That's a no brainer. 
If you more information on this e-course at juliannamorlet@gmail.com

$80 I Heart Singing E-Course

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