Monday, September 3, 2012

An Overdue Letter to My Husband

While gearing up for our NAKED series next week, I thought it would be appropriate to write a long overdue letter to my husband. Mostly because he's pretty awesome. 

Dear Tyson Morlet,

Over the last five years we have grown to be best friends in the most ridiculous and opposite of ways. I'm a rule follower, you're a rebel. I like hot coffee, you like iced. I shut the windows and you reopen them. I dread housework, you find the dishes relaxing. I only try to be funny, you make even the grumpiest people laugh. I want white furniture, you want dark. I like country music, you like weird indie stuff. (Yup, I said it.) But nevertheless, I love you and you, well it would be an understatement to say that you love me. 

The world knows your side of our love story. You knew you were going to marry me since Christmas 2007. You prayed and pursued and I rejected and rejected. But now I think it's time they knew just how much I've adored you, from the very first moment. 

It was June 1, 2008. You had just weaseled me into a lunch date with "friends," who just happened to never show. I was so annoyed at your persistence, but looking back, I can tell you it wasn't annoyance. 

It was fear. 

I was afraid that I had just had lunch with my future husband. I was afraid because everything was so natural. I was afraid because you adored me so. I was afraid because, the life you had painted for us, well, it was perfect. Not the fairytale kind of perfect. It was real life, I-can-totally-see-that-happening kind of perfect. 

You showed me a way of life I only dreamed was possible. 

As the months and year went by, I knew neither of us would be complete on our own ever again. I knew God had fashioned and crafted me, for you. And you for me. You were the man my family and I prayed would have much patience and compassion. You were the man I prayed would love me intensely. You were the man I prayed would raise my children to love God and love others. You were the man I prayed would make music with me and that I would serve the Church with. 

You were him then, and you are more so today. On the other side of our soap opera was a fairytale. And on the other side of that fairytale, was a road to unconditional, God-given love that I have for only you. 

No one sees me the way you do. No one believes in me the way you do. No one loves me the way you do. And I will try my very best, for the rest of our lives, to see, believe, and love you the same. 

I love you babe. 

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