Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Your Marriage Questions Answered

*Due to the nature of this topic, the following video contains some frank language that may not be suitable for younger readers. 

You asked, and we answered. Well, we tried. 

Start | Q1: "I would love to hear more about submission…in a day to day setting."
5:21 | Q2: "My sex drive is higher than my husbands, isn't that backwards?"
6:30 | Q3: "What do married wish they'd done while they were single?"
7:48 | Q4: "What do singles fear most about marriage? Why? What can we do?
9:49 | Q5: "How have you sorted out together, things from your pasts?"
12:36 | Q6: "Which areas do you rely on God when you can't rely on your husband?
13:42 | Q7: "How do you execute headship w/o handing over all leadership?"
16:16 | Q8: "Do you think couples should stay together when there's cases of abuse?"
17:33 | Q9: "How do you say no, to commitments outside your marriage? "
19:51 | Q10: "Is masturbation sinful inside or outside of marriage?"

Resources Mentioned
List of Questions for Your Significant Other
Real Marriage Series by Mark Driscoll
The Act of Marriage by Tim LaHaye
This Momentary Marriage by John Piper (Free Download)

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