Friday, September 7, 2012

Catching Up on August's Links

I am way too excited to share with you Antioch Worship released our first, all original, album of worship songs! You can get it on iTunes and Amazon. Now!

Okay, now that that's outta my system, let us resume. Even though I didn't write this month, I still read; even more so than usual. There's a big push for GOOD content (within one's niche) in the blogosphere these days and bloggers are steppin' up to the plate. 

Below are some of my faves.
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I laughed out loud at this post on the 6AM Gym Crowd. (You know who you are.) Thanks JJ for the entertainment. (Blah Blah Blahger) 

I'm always intrigued by the different reasons people decide church isn't for them. To each his/her own. But this article on Why Creatives Leave the Church made me a little squirmy. I related to some of these. What do you think? (Church Leadership)

Umm, yes please. (I Rock So What)

How genius is this disposable camera idea?! I wanna do a Girl That Sings one...anyone in? (Campfire Chic)

Did you hear about Ann Curry??? (Of course you did, it's September...) Well, I did too and I cried. Especially watching this couch-sesh with her colleagues. And for the record The Today Show, I loved her. Ya'll are crazy. (Her.meneutics)

I love the wisdom in this woman's words on church-planting. Though, it can translate to anything really. (Grace Covers Me)

What an Olympian's missteps can teach all of us. It's not what you think. (Karen Ehman)

For those of you who remember my bacon fetish from Instagram, you know I just about peed-my-pants when I saw this recipe. (Bella Pop)

A Twitter friend of mine, Hollywood Housewife, took a trip this week to Sri Lanka with World Vision. I have been enamored by her reflections and musings of her experience; especially this one. You might too. (Hollywood Housewife)

 Ever since moving to a full-time, self employed, creative job type, I've been craving routine. I love Jenni's routine of pulling weeds every morning. I won't be doing that, but it's inspired me to figure something out. (Jenni Catron)

Happy Weekend ~ Get some sunshine eh? 
^^^Opinions, two-cents, questions and ramblings are welcome. And go above. Go ahead. Try it.

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