Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Feature: My Makeup Lady

Good gracious it's Friday already!

I am so excited about today's Friday Feature not only because this girl is a dear friend of mine, but also because she is a makeup magic worker. She was mine and my sister's wedding makeup artist and I loved my makeup on my wedding day. Not one smear or smudge. Everyone has an art that comes naturally to them. Mine is singing. Hers is makeup.

It is my pleasure to introduce, Crystal-lee.
[Lee is not her middle name ;)]
I am Crystal-Lee Howley: lover of God, wife to an amazing man named Brian.

I love to do many, many things {music, art, design, cooking, etc...}, but I work as a makeup artist focusing mainly on Wedding/special event and photography makeup. I also teach one-on-one makeup application lessons. 

I got an accidental start 4 years ago when a friend who worked at cosmetics store needed immediate help. She asked me to work a few makeovers {and at this point I barely wore liner and mascara}, and like that I was hooked. Now, I've decided to push forward as a freelance artist & seek to expand into airbrush makeup.

Helping women wade through the murky waters of professional cosmetics has become my passion. In a superficial world where most of the makeup photos we see are touched up and fake, it's no mystery why many women feel intimidated at the thought of trying new makeup techniques.  

My hope is to help women gain the confidence and knowledge they need to do professional quality {but natural-looking} makeup. When a women leaves my chair, I want her feeling gorgeous! What I don't want is to ever convey that beauty lies only in a woman's makeup style and abilities. We are already beautiful in the eyes of the Lord. 

Makeup is merely another medium God gives us to experiment with creativity.

As for inspiration, I do what I want. It sounds strange, I know, but there are no real rules when it comes to makeup, be it very natural or crazy-dramatic. 

My looks come from everywhere: movies, walks around town, photography sites, and even my weirdest dreams. If it will flatter the face, I'll try it. And to be sure I have a clear idea of what's trending for weddings and everyday style, I'll spend a lot of time reading through beauty and fashion blogs, magazines, cosmetic companies' websites and more.
- - - - -

Thanks Crystal-lee! 

If you're interested in booking for a wedding or special event, or even taking a few lessons, you can get more information on her blog: or email her at
For anyone who mentions this post, you will receive 10% off of your first makeup trial or lesson.

So whether you want a new look for the Summer or you have a special occasion coming up, this girl is your girl!

Happy Friday! Smell a flower :) 


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