Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Blogging Story: Part 2

In light of the publishing of my new e-course [So You Wanna Start a Blog], I am writing out my own personal blogging story. Today is Part 2. Go here for Part 1.]

Chapter Two

When I left MI, I had to readjust to life in Cali. It was more difficult than I had expected. It wasn't just being re-immersed in my old life, living with my parents, connecting with old friends, going to my home church, but also letting go of my future in Michigan. 

The next 10 years were planned out in my head of who I was going to marry, what I was going to do, my life-long friends, my favorite restaurants, what church I would be at and even my favorite study place ;) I never thought of what would happen if I left it all behind. 

I was sad, hurt, lonely, emotional, confused, disillusioned by the whole thing. 

So naturally, I started a blog. 

Yup. That's how it started. Nothing fancy or cool or compelling. I just needed a place to spew my thoughts and stories. I needed a place outside of my own head that I could close at any given time. 

It wasn't a public blog at first. I kept it private because I was afraid people would judge me. Both in Michigan and Cali. But as I started talking, like really talking and connecting with people about the nitty gritty of life I found myself often saying, "You know, I just wrote something on that the other day. I'll email it to you when I get home." 

Then, in December of 2008 I realized my story was no longer my own. I had always been mostly open and vulnerable with people about my past, present, and future. But when I was asked, in an emergency, to speak at a women's dessert [with 800 women in attendance] I knew God was fashioning something in me, yet to be determined. I blogged about that night to myself and at the end realized, "This is it. I need to be telling my stories to the world."

So I did. My blog became public.

To be continued...

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