Friday, July 13, 2012

Weekend (Away) Links

I'll be at She Speaks this week! I'm gonna pee my pants. It's a speaker/writer conference put on by the Proverb's 31 Ministries. Are you going? Tell me and let's be friends. (SheSpeaks)

I use to be a frequent flyer back and forth for school, and I got a point where I could sleep before take off and not wake til we landed. Not sure if I can still do that, but I'm bringing Conversations With God and The Art of Mentoring just in case. (Amazon)

New packing methods? OK! (Apartment Therapy)

Dear Sarah, Nicki, and Sam, I need to go here when in NC! Like NEED! Yea?? (Ameli's French Bakery)

How many of us, when traveling, strive to be as comfy and appear as cute and put together as >thisBut we all know, we really end up looking like >this. (Pinterest)

- - - - -
On Monday, this month's series, The Bad & Beautiful of Creativity, will begin and we have some amazing creatives guest writing here! Eeeek! I'm so excited. 

The line up is: Kathleen Shannon from Braid Creative (!!), Franchesca from Small Bird Studios, Katie McGihon from Max & Poppy Photography, and stunning photos from Colleen @ Inspired to Share. Don't miss it~

And as always, I'm more random and conversational on Twitter and Facebook. Especially now that I have more hours in my days. That could be good or bad for you.

Have a safe and adventurous weekend!
^^^Opinions, two-cents, questions and ramblings are welcome. And go above. Go ahead. Try it.

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