Friday, July 20, 2012

Creative Resources We Love (and You Will Too!)

Photo by Colleen @ Inspired to Share
Things I Use/Look At Everyday
TeuxDeux - A list to help me organize my life. If you're an organized creative, please, email me. I need you. 
PicMonkey - This is what I use for quick editing photos! It works great and it can now make collages. Whoopy!
Pinterest - No explanation needed here. Unless you don't know what it is, then you need to click on it, sign up, and you can thank me later. (Or kill me. Definitely one of the two.)
Instagram - An un-intimidating way of taking pretty pictures of your everyday life. Do it. It will get your juices flowing. 
Crafting a Life - I read this girl everyday. She's a creative genius. And funny. You can get her delivered to your email inbox. 
My Smashbook - I've started putting my ideas and scrap papers and napkins ideas in this book. I have one at a time. Part of me wants to have one for every "segment" of my life, but that's just not realistic. So I have one, I put everything in it and I love it. LOVE it. 
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Articles That Inspire Us
The Power of Word Weaving
Music to Motivate
Procrastinating and Distracting Ourselves
Borderless Thinking
Art Helps Us Deal with Suffering
On Writing, Creative Habit, and How Ideas Bloom
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How-To's You Can Do NOW
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For the Creative Picture Takers
Max and Poppy - pretty to look at
The Daybook Blog - good style and concepts
10 Things Not to Do in Photography - awesome instruction
Unravelling (Photography E-Course) - good investment
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For the Creative Writers
Jeff Goins - amazing world changer
Ommwriters - artsy fartsy tools
Word Count Tool - necessary and essential (for me)
Dafonts - free fonts
5 Questions to Ask Yourself before Writing a Book - insightful
Thesaurus - my preferred, thorough and fast one
Tools for Creating E-books - informative 
For the Bloggers - help with the technical side
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For the Creative Foodies
Bakerella - pretty baked goods
Pioneer Woman - quirky style of food blogging
Butter Me Up Brooklyn - amazing inspiration
Joy the Baker - essential recipes (for me)
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**Now go! Do something! And then take pictures and tell us what :) 
^^^Opinions, two-cents, questions and ramblings are welcome. And go above. Go ahead. Try it.

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