Thursday, March 15, 2012

Things I Can't Wait to Do in LA

Santa Monica Countdown | 3 Months
I'm getting anxious. Not the bad kind of anxious where you begin to doubt your life choices and back track on decisions. This is the good kind of anxious, where you begin to pack way too far in advance and start figuring out how you can sell everything you own to make those extra pennies. 

Yes, I am that kind of anxious. I guess excited or antsy would be better word choices. There are so many things I cannot wait to do in the big city. So many places I want to discover and tell no one about. (Who are we kidding? We both know I'm totally going to blog about them!) So many fascinating people to meet and befriend. 

I may be overly romanticizing this move but would you please just let me bask in this? 
Life will hit hard, soon I'm sure. So for now, I will dream of what could be. In pictures. 
I can't wait to ride bikes through the city. I know it's going to be considerably less glamorous than this gorgeous picture but I'm still excited. Now on to Craigslist to find a bike. ^^^
I've already been scouting out the local bakeries and coffee shops to frequent. Thank goodness LA peeps are so health freaky, there's a TON of sugar free pastries out there. ^^^
Walking and texting doesn't change from Suburbia to City life. It just gets a little more risky. haha. I can totally see myself making that face. ^^^
Not sure if they use taxis in the city, but I'm thinking about getting these just in case. Plus, they're yellow! ^^^

I can't wait to stare at this at least 50% of my evenings. ^^^

Soon and very soon.
^^^Opinions, two-cents, questions and ramblings are welcome. And go above. Go ahead. Try it.

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