Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Seg=My Baby Sister's Wedding

3 of 6 kids, all about to be married within two years of each other. Lucky parents.

My sister and I have dreamed about our weddings since we were very young girls. When she was 8 and I was 10, we made our own wedding books filled with our favorite flowers, poofy dresses, blingin' rings, and dinner menus.

We always knew we'd be in each other's wedding no matter what. My sister and I have had some knarly hard times, but there is on thing that has kept us glued together and will always keep us together: My mother. She always encouraged us to make sure we're in each other's lives, encouraging, giving advice, give rides, and lots of hugs :) That's what family is matter what.

She was my Maid of Honor and I am honored to be hers.

Most people have sisters they are close with, whether it's a blood relative or a best friend doesn't matter. She's the person you call when you're having a breakdown. The person you call when you're stranded at the mall. The person you cry to when you and your boyfriend break up. The person you steal clothes from on a daily basis. The person you get mad at when shows up wearing your new sweater. The person who will defend you, even though she knows you're wrong. The person who will bring you chocolate ice cream when you've had a bad day.

She's your sister and you're hers.

I think that bond is so special and uncompromisable. It was once said that "you can fool the whole world, but never your sister." She knows you in and out, sometimes even more than your own parents. I know that's true of us.

Having her help me plan my wedding was a dream come true. And I hope I can be the same for her. We'll finally get to put those books to use :)

All that to say, we're starting a new segment on the blog titled "My Sister's Wedding". :) We'll both write [she's a phenomenal writer too!] and post pictures and wedding ideas for your professional [and non-professional] feedback :)

So to set the stage, the theme of the wedding is an Alice in Wonderland feel. Classy and fun. 

 Happy Tuesday.

Love, JM

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