Tuesday, October 26, 2010

iTunes lovin'

Dear Readers {and Listeners},

I am excited to announce that the Morlet's are now on iTunes! AH!

 Finally got the time to get our first album submitted. If you have iTunes, which you all should, you can find it by searching: Morlet.

The first {5} songs of this album, Ty and I wrote together during our dating and engagement season. Each one has a story behind it so I'll try to briefly let you behind the scenes.

1. Light [The Ireland's Song]: We were sitting on my backyard swing one night and I started humming this little riff. Ty had his guitar with him [because he always does] and began playing along. We only had one lyric. "Light." And we sang it over and over and over again. Well one night we met our friends Jeremy and Andrea Ireland for dinner and they told us about their heart-wrenching story of infertility. After we left, we both felt like this new song was going to be for them. About a year later, the Irelands adopted three siblings from the Philippines and asked us to sing the song @ their coming home party. Ah! I bawled like a baby that day.

2. Heavenly Sound: This song has multiple sentiments for me. The first is that Ty wrote this song as a tactic to get me to hang out with him. He called me one day and said, "Hey I wrote this worship song but it needs a girls voice, will you record it for me?" And so the saga began. But it was in October 2008, when we were in that little make-shift recording booth tracking this song that I knew Ty was going to be my husband. The second sentiment is that this song blew up during one of our church-wide worship nights. I mean, I have never heard our congregation sing so loud...ever. I was blown away @ how God was using words and melodies he had given to me and Ty to bless His Church and cause His people to worship.
3. Micah: The second song we ever wrote together and we wrote as the theme song for a middle school Summer camp. [The passage they were studying was Micah 6:8] This one was mostly Tyson's doing. I just added a few pretty notes here and there :) This song also made it on Rancho's worship album. It's a fave.

4. As Time Goes By: This song started out as a project I had to do for my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. I was telling Ty about it and he said, "hey let me help you!" I reluctantly agreed but said, "It has to be for my grandparents...not us!" Moral of the story, I walked down the aisle to that song at our wedding...he's good. So it served two very memorable occasions. I love love love it the most because it's a story song and I love story songs. 
5. Taste and See: The first song we ever wrote together. I was studying Psalm 34 and meditating on this whole idea of those who trust the Lord will have no want. I was inspired and was sharing it all with Ty and bam! The song was born. 

The last {3} songs are Tyson's most romantic creations. Seriously, these songs will make you cry. Tomorrow was the first song he ever wrote for me and I cried. Chapter One he wrote while I was away and I cried. And May I Have This Dance he wrote for his proposal and I cried. Correction I bawled! You will too :)

Phew! There you have it. If you don't already own this cd, get it.

Morlets signing off.



Laurel said...

so happy for you guys! i love the album! been enjoying it since your wedding day. oddly, i use it often as a work out album. you're guys' story is so imersed in God's love and the sovereignty of His plan that it inspires me when i dont want to keep truckin' on the eliptical. =) never stop creating!

Julianna Morlet said...

aww thanks laurel. that's sweet that you workout to them :) lullaby album is coming soon!

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