Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Obsessions. Pigg, Tom, and Decorations.

{Landon Pigg}
Ty and I got to see him live @ the El Rey theater before A Fine Frenzy.  When we were standing on the sidewalk waiting to get in there was this guy standing on the curb and I could have sworn that it was him...but no one was approaching him or anything so we blew it off. What I didn't know was that Ty memorized his outfit and when he came out on stage and it was totally him! And we didn't even realize it. We're bad fans, but still love his musica.
Loving this new song:

{TOM'S Shoes}
I have yet to be a proud owner of them, but I am working on that. I really really really like the silver glitter ones. Plus, the message and purpose behind them is quite inspiring. 

{Home Decor Blogs}
I am in decor mode. I even created my own version of this

Here are a few of my recent faves. 
    - My First Little Place & Loving. Living. Small. [small space decor] 
    - Garnish [hosting and organizing] 
    - Nesting Place [decorating ur home to ur style]

Now I wanna hear your recent obsessions!


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