Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's What We Call a Rainy Day.

Thank you all for your allergy input yesterday. I got text messages, facebook messages, emails and blog comments with all very good info. I'll let you know how it goes. [I'm sure Ty loves this...shh.]

In other news, @ 5AM this morning I was awakened by the most glorious sounds. Cracking thunder and the pitter patter of heavy rain.

Oh baby. I love the rain. So romantic. And I finally get to use my new umbrella.

It makes me feel clean, new, fresh.

The synopsis of my book intros with rain:

"In years past, waking up to raindrops on the roof of our house was quickly followed by feelings of freshness and purity. It was almost like the rain had washed everything away and was now giving the world permission to start over. A new day with new life being watered and cared for. Sometimes I would lie in bed for hours after waking and remember all the things in my life that the Lord had freed me from. All the things He had washed away from my life and had allowed me to start over with. Clean. Fresh. Forgiven.

When I would finally get enough motivation to get out of bed, I would glance outside the window to see nature, not cowering or shriveling from the weight of the falling water, but rather blooming greener and brighter than ever. How does that work, I would wonder. When it rains, most creatures and humans run for cover in order to get away from the cold wet surroundings. However the grass, the trees, and flowers do not. Instead they open up all the more as if they are soaking up every bit of every drop that so graces them with its existence. It is as if they welcome the storms, despite the possible dangers it presents to them. There is no fear in their being, but rather full release to bloom even brighter amidst the pouring rain..." [Read the rest here.]

Go run, jump, smell, play in the rain today.


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