Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Pre-Pregnancy Body

Everyone says your body is at its sexy prime between the ages of 20-25. Or really, anytime before you have a kid. 

I know it's a real thing, the pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy body thing, but it's one of those phenomenons you can't really grasp until you experience the widening hips, the extra padding around the midsection, and the bust boost. (This post might be traumatizing/over the line for the men, sorry about that.) 

I've read some hilarious posts on topics like "what no one tells you about pregnancy" and "before I got pregnant..." and others of the sorts. Here's my brief rendition.

Before I (miraculously) became pregnant:
  • I could talk on the phone and walk at the same time. Without sounding like I just ran a marathon. 
  • The only problem with doing laundry was that I didn't want to do it. Now, stretching ligaments allows for only 1-2 loads. (Thank goodness!)
  • Eating was something I did because I enjoyed it. Now, my body curses me at 3AM for more applesauce. Or bacon. 
  • People said I wouldn't show til 16 weeks. Lies. All lies. Everyone is SO different.
  • Nausea meant a mean case of the flu. Now, it brings me comfort. 
  • I didn't think it was possible to love Ty any more than I already did. Now, we've entered a whole new beautiful world. 
I love being pregnant. Laying on that doctor bed, with it's crinkly paper and bright white lights, the ultra sound tech placed her chilly wand on my belly.

For a split second she couldn't locate the baby and my heart dropped. 
Turns out, Baby Mo likes to hang out a little more north than usual. 

I cried, first tears of relief and then awe.

Baby Mo was kicking around like a little soccer player (though I can't feel it yet) and it made all the chubbiness, abnormal bodily functions, and nausea worth it. 

There is a human being growing in my belly. A real, live, human being. 

That beautiful truth will never cease to amaze me and everyday I am overwhelmingly grateful. 

More on it next week. 

Baby Details: 13 weeks / Baby is moving around / Baby is size of a peach / Momma is craving mexican food and bacon

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