Thursday, December 27, 2012

Home Birth VS Hospital Birth

I made Ty watch The Business of Being Born with me. 
It was an act of love really. I wanted to watch it for educational purposes but it turned out to be one giant, holy-crap-what-is-happening-session. But I would recommend it for first time moms. 

At least for me, it was informative and enlightening on the decades old battle of home versus hospital births. This particular documentary was a little heavy on the home birth side of the argument but understandably so. I think. 

Like I said, this is my first time. 

What I've been contemplating the most is the freedom aspect of labor and delivery. I know I cannot program nor predict how those days will run, but I at least want the power to say yes and no, music or no music, people in my room or no people in my room, walking around or not. 

I've heard horror stories about nurses and doctors manipulating situations, women who didn't want drugs ended up getting them, women who did get (and want) drugs and they didn't work, etc. And I've heard horror stories of home-birth panics, health scares, unpreparedness, etc. 

All of the above scare me. But just a little. 

I understand this is a tricky topic, but it's one that a lot of you know and care about. 

So, the virtual floor is open:

-How/where did you do labor and delivery?
-What do you wish would have happened?
-What do you wish would NOT have happened?
-And any other unsolicited advice and website references:) 

*Please keep comments and opinions respectful as this can be a tricky and personal topic. We are discussing information and not personal attacks. Any rude or disrespectful comments will be deleted.
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