Sunday, October 7, 2012

Birthday Boy (Littlest Brother)

I wanted to tell my world about a special boy who I've fed, burped, changed diapers, rocked to sleep, and played legos with. When my baby sister was in the hospital with Leukemia, Andrew was just born. My mom's time had to be split between both babies and as the oldest, I was honored to step in for help. 

Sweet Andrew, though I cannot recall the exact melodies or prayers I sang and prayed over you in those first months of your life, you should know that I still cherish every moment. 

You were our birth control baby buddy and we couldn't take our eyes off of you. In a season of immense questioning and pain, you were God's gift of joy, life and peace. 

How you love and care for and protect sister from school bullies amazes us. How you respect and honor mom and dad is maturity beyond your years. How you amuse and love on us older siblings can put us in laughing fits and tears. And how you gently play with Babez melts our hearts. 

You are the caboose to our clan and we couldn't have asked for a better closer. 

You complete us buddy. 

And I've been meaning to tell you, your Lego collection is getting a little out of control. ;)

Happy 9th Birthday! We love you, so very much. 

Your Sisters and Brothers

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