Wednesday, February 2, 2011

She's a Miracle.

On February 2, 2001, my baby sister Danielle was born. With four older brothers and sisters at a 10 year age difference, this kid was bound to be in for some lovin. 

On June 2 of 2003, Danielle was diagnosed with Leukemia Cancer. It came out of nowhere. For months her 2 year old body was filled with harsh chemicals, feeding tubes, IV's, and monitors. 
For 2 years we administered home chemo treatment, drove hours to hospital on emergencies, took blood, took temperature, had surgeries and sterilized the house from top to bottom. 
For 2 years this girl was our everything. She consumed us. We came together as a family and fought what could have been the most detrimental season of our lives. 

Our girl made it through the first year and was put on "maintenance" medications and treatments. She had to re-learn to walk, re-learn to talk, and re-potty train. It was like someone hit a Ctrl+Alt+Del button on her body. 

She lost all her hair [eyelashes, eyebrows and everything]! But she was a sweet, sweet joy. Though her days were filled with pain, she still smiled. Though her body was beat and worn, she still giggled and belly laughed. She was stronger than any of us through those days. 

After 5 years of remission, on October 10, 2010 the Dr's declared her cancer free.

::insert crying now::

And now today, February 2, 2011 our healthy, perfect, cancer-free, book worm baby girl turns 10 years old. 

She is our pride and joy. 
She is our reminder that God is sovereign, though not because He cured her, but because of the journey she took us through as a family.

I love you baby girl and I am thankful for your life every day.

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