Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.

**The next couple days of posts will be focused on awareness, education, and opportunities to abolish modern slavery. None of the pictures or videos posted on blog will contain disturbing content, however some of the links provided for those who desire further education may . -JM**

As I jokingly wrote the title of this post I laughed at myself because I will probably seriously cry at my party. You see, this year's birthday is a bit unconventional. Usually I look forward to my birthday for selfish and introspective reasons. Selfish because I get presents on my birthday. Good presents. Introspective because I get to reflect on the last ___ years of my life and see what I have or haven't accomplished. I get to see where I came from and whether or not I grew this year. 

But not this year. This year I gave up my birthday because something came to my attention that shattered my "almost" 23 year old heart. Something broke and crushed my entire world view on what exactly it means to celebrate

That something is Love146

Love146 is an organization that fights towards the abolition of slavery. Sex slavery. The enslavement of girls [and boys] as young as 5 years old who are [present tense] forced into this life of defilement and disgrace and degradation. 

For me, that is just not ok. My heart is physically burdened for these girls as I have seen their faces, read their stories, and heard their cry for freedom, wholeness and love. They just want love. 

They just want love.

Friday is one step closer to giving them that love. Friday is my birthday party and I want you to come. 

Ty & I will be doing our first very own concert just for you guys. We started planning the set last night and I think I cried a minimum of 17 times. Especially on this song. There is a line at the end that I've never been able to sing because I become overwhelmed with sorrow. Passionate sorrow. It says, "I see the young girl huddled on the brothel floor, I see the man with a passion come and kickin' down that door..." and all I can hear in my head is:

We're coming. We're coming. Please know that we're coming to find you. Help you. Love you.

So if you're Friday night is open, please join us for some coffee, cupcakes, and a really good concert ;)

The address is: 
The Venue 
29930 Hunter Road
Murrieta, CA

Music starts @ 7PM


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