Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Links

The photo above is Pink and Red Velvet Hot Chocolate in lieu of Valentines! (A Beautiful Mess)

An amazing chart on relationships. Read it. (Cup of Jo)

Ommwriter: A creative business that inspires, well, creativity. I want to explain it more but it's so different that you won't understand me. If you're a creative, just watch this video. (Ommwriter)

Sunglass fetish anyone? (Who, What, Wear)

I've been cracking down on my saving's plan these days so I downloaded Dave Ramsey's budget pages. (Dave Ramsey)

Online resumes are so diverse and quite frankly, a little tough to dream up. This couple nailed it. Simple & informative. (Vesterfelts)

This week's topic of Ambitious Women as Wives struck a chord with so many women! I knew throwing it out there would either be really good or really bad and turns out, it's really good! If you haven't yet, join the conversation. (Julianna Morlet)

A blogger friend of mine just dyed her hair pink! Like hot pink! Isn't she adorable?? (Hollywood Housewife)

And of course these cute sisters always have something to copy! This week it's Organizing Your Spices with Magnets. (A Beautiful Mess)

Happy Reading! 
Anything interesting you've read this week on the world wide web?
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