Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday Obsessions: Trader Joe's+Flowers+Lunch Bag CD's

Trader Joe's
I am in love with everything TJ. From the packaging to the quality of food [including the organic ones], it is an overall solid store. I bought two sparkling juices from them yesterday solely based on the fashion of the bottles. haha. Crazy right? But if you saw their bottles you'd do it too! The juice turned out to be pretty good anyways. Mmmm. Do you shop at Traders? What's your favorite item[s] there? Please, feed my obsession! haha.

Fresh & Easy Flowers
$5 for a bundle. $5! I got the bright purple, green, and yellow bunch and they've been alive for over a week. That's some good quality flower right there. And it's cheap joy. 

Lunch Bag CD Cases
It was super duper late and I was singing at a bible study the next night and I hadn't bought CD cases for my music. Ugh, I was so bummed. I wasn't going to hand out my CD's off a spool and expect people to buy them. I was rummaging through the pantry for a late night frustration snack [not recommended] and saw a giant stack of brown lunch bags. The CD's fit perfectly in there and I just printed a logo, mod-podged a little dot to keep it closed and voila! I've been making them ever since :) I should buy stock in lunch bags. 

What are you obsessed with lately?

Happy Saturday! Go to your local farmer's market! 


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