Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Job Song | Antioch Worship Album

This song is near and dear to my heart because Tyson wrote it based on the story of Job and compelled by our current season of life. It's a song that I sing boldly and yet still very broken before my God. It's a song that I can feel vulnerable singing and worshipping with while still proclaiming the name of my good and gracious and sovereign God. 

We hope it's that way for you too. ~Love, Jules + Ty

One true God, Sovereign and good
May You become, reward enough
When all my life, is burned away
And all that is left, is Your great love

Though you slay me
I will trust in You
For You my God are my portion

Faithful God, from barren land
My voice will rise, to heaven
Blessed be, Your holy name
When all is gone, Your grace remains

Though You slay me
I will trust in You
For You my God are my portion

Though You slay me
You will see me through
Before You God I will come undone

With hearts bowed low and hands held high
We bless the name of our good God
Who gives and takes, our hearts He breaks
That we might say, blessed be our God

- - - - -
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