Thursday, June 21, 2012

Learning to Change Seasons | Nicki Koziarz

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Quitting is easy. We throw the towel in and walk away. However, finishing the seasons of our lives well is a task that few accomplish because it’s challenging and complicated.  

Several months ago I began to feel a stirring in my soul. It was a stir I had felt before and so I naturally resisted it. Day after day I denied the truth that a season of my life was coming to an end.

But eventually, I came to an accepting moment that God was leading me out of this season. I needed to trust Him through this process because I had experienced many seasons of life that didn’t end well: people stopped speaking to each otherfeelings were hurt and relationships were destroyed.

I had invested a lot into this season and formed great relationships, so it was important to me things ended well.  

Whether it is a job, a volunteer position, or a move…everyone at some point experiences a season of life coming to an end. But things don’t have to end ugly, and I really believe it honors God when we do our best to finish seasons well.

So here are 3 lessons God showed me in finishing this season well:

1. Be honest with those closest to you. 
As you begin to feel a tugging in your heart that a season is ending, share this with the people your transition will affect as soon as possible. Even if your new direction isn’t perfectly clear, have as many details worked out as possible. Be honest and share your heart openly.

2. Keep your word.  
As you wrap up your season, be sure to do the things you’ve committed to do. Is there someone you need to train to fill your place? Do you have tasks that need to be finished? Try to honor those who will be left in this season of transition.

3.  Give lots of grace.
You may experience some resistance as your season ends. Change is something people often resist because it produces elements of unknown. Don’t take things personally, and show lots of grace towards those who seem unwilling to accept this change in your life.

Change is constant. Seasons come and seasons go but the faithfulness of our God remains the same. With His strength, His guidance, and His wisdom… we have the ability to finish the seasons of life well.

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