Friday, June 15, 2012

Weekend Links

This week we are heading to Central Cali to lead worship at a youth camp. One of the blessings of leading worship with my husband is that we get to take these trips together! I'll be posting pics all week on Instagram (Username: juliannamorlet).
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This week was full of some good thought provoking reading. I especially loved these posts on love and leadership (Catalyst), questioning God (Nicki Koziarz), and a fruitful life versus a successful life (Darling: Achiever) 

How cute are these two?? (Tea for Two)

Next paycheck, I am buying this cutting board. Who'd a thought I'd want a cutting board so badly. (AHeirloom)

Does anyone else spend hours reading those hilarious e-card pictures? No? Just me? Ok. Here's my current favorites: Exercise, Running,  Skinny Jeans, Lord Give Me Patience, Cupcake, Snoring, Adam Levine, Fart (too far but you know you do it too), Crossing it off the list. Ok I'm done. 

A Summer Manifesto...genius idea! (Shadylane)

Colleen's Monday Mood Board makes me want to forsake all responsibility and leave for the beach. Like yesterday. (Inspired to Share)

Dear Le Musings of Moi, I love you and I will hate you for these. :) (Le Musings of Moi)

Oh hello fellow list maker. Let's be friends. (Little Maison)

A gorgeously written post on the many shades and colors of grief. This made me cry. (Small Bird Studios)

This red-headed beauty has the perfect balance in her blog. She sticks to her niche but makes you want to be her BFF. Well done Nat. We're on nickname basis now right? :) (Paper Crowns)

Seriously Kelly Ann? You're killin this girl with your beautiful inspiring photos. This one and this one are being printed for my nightstand as we speak. (The Flowerchild Dwelling)

Thanks to Lauren, Tea Mixology is going to be my new obsession. (The Perfect Pair)

And to close, a pretty printable card for you to send to someone who needs to hear just how beautiful they really are. (Kelly Hicks Design)

Have a good weekend! Get some sun~
^^^Opinions, two-cents, questions and ramblings are welcome. And go above. Go ahead. Try it.

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