Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hume Lake with the Band

Have you ever had the chance to watch someone grow up?

Maybe besides your own children?

It's been a weird and joyful journey watching these friends grow up. Some of us are the same age, so we're growing up together, through college and weddings and bands. Some are younger, so we watched them go through pimples, squeaky voices and girlfriends. But this band is one we love very much.

They were some of the toughest to leave when we moved.

You never know, when you uproot from a place you've been grounded for so long, how the distance will effect relationships. It's kind of terrifying. The "what-if's" were overwhelming for me as we said our last goodbyes and drove away.

But that weekend in September, when we all drove and flew various miles to play together once again, was so full of joy and laughter and unity.

The band was back together. Even if just for a weekend.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, or so they say. Seeing these sweet lives blossom and flourish under the pressure and changes of seasons has been a sheer joy.

I miss them. I love them. Even from a distance.
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