Wednesday, October 29, 2014

5 Reasons A Sisterhood is Vital to Your Life

Today's article is by my new, fashionable and quickly becoming dear friend, Alex Shimanek. You'll love her and her heart for unity among women. 

SISTERHOOD: a movement of every day girls, connected heart and soul, who are passionate about bringing Heaven to Earth.

I read a great article recently on the importance of women having girlfriends. It spoke about how girlfriends can make moments of joy and elation even more memorable and enjoyable by simply just being there. It also said friends are necessary to help ‘lighten the load’ in times of tragedy or despair. 

Because I was serving in Sisterhood, this article really resonated with me and I lingered over every word. It was so good that I immediately shared it with my girlfriends and posted it on my Facebook page. 

That night, as Iaid down to reflect on my day and give thanks, I started to think about the women in my world and realized that, while the article was good, I would have added a few more reasons why Sisterhood is important:

Your girlfriend let’s go of your past. Those mistakes, regrets and disappointments that the enemy would love for you to dwell on, well… she won’t let you. She won’t constantly remind you of who you once were (unless it’s really funny) but rather celebrate who you are becoming and how God is at work in you now. She will dream with you and speak life into your future.

She sees you thru those proverbial “rose colored glasses” people are always talking about.  She will always give you the benefit of the doubt, not because you are perfect- no one is…but because she just knows you. She knows your heart. She knows your truth. And she loves you.

Your girlfriend will correct you, and speak to you in love, when you are acting like a “Hot Mess” (a term I have borrowed from a girlfriend of mine who uses it to describe me more often than I like to admit). She won’t judge you, condemn you or make you feel like there is something VERY wrong with you. She will however, hold your hand and look at you with a twinkle in her eye and say, “C’mon now! You know better!”  And you will know she is right, you did know better. And then, you’ll do better.

She will lift up your arms when you feel like you just can’t anymore. When you feel like you have no more tears left, like there is no more room in your mind to replay another scenario…She is there.  She will fill in the gap when you feel like you just can’t catch a break, or get a ‘win’. When you feel like you just can’t take any more bad news, or hold up your arms any longer, she’s standing there holding up your arms for you. She is unshakable. Immovable. She is firmly planted.

Your Sisters will pray with you and for you. Girlfriends know the desires of your heart.  They know of that baby you and your husband are fervently praying for, and without you having to ask, she is already praying. They know of that deep desire in your heart to someday write a book or get married or live debt free, and they are in complete and total agreement.

As I’ve gotten older, I have come to the realization that my happiness cannot be found in a particular person or object. No one can save us, only God can do that. And He did, when He sent Jesus!  

But God also sent us people in our worlds that will make life a little sweeter, a little more special, and a little more beautiful. He sent us people to enjoy the journey of life with and be the shoulder we lean on. He sent us people to ‘laugh ‘til we cry’ with, make life long memories with and dream those BIG life sized dream with.

Written by Alex Shimanek
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