Friday, June 27, 2014

Symphony's First Birthday

The last 365 days with this babe have been straight blissful. I wish I was over-exaggerating. Nearly everyday Ty and I look at each other and ask some variation of, "How did we get so lucky with this kid?"

Sure, our lives have changed. However, not as drastically as we anticipated. We were terrified of parenthood. Probably one too many horror stories combined with Google. (That's another blog for another time.) But we are overwhelmed and mildly taken by surprise, by how much of a blessing this little one has been.

From the moment she was known, she's brought joy.

The food was all cute and small. Like a baby. Baby pb&j's, bite sized fruit, donut holes, cake donuts, cupcakes, yum!

Sym's finally getting in to reading. Although she gets bored by page five or six and would rather turn pages for 15 minutes. #babies But Sofie will crack her up forever. 

Although it was my favorite part, Sym wasn't sure about the smash cake. It was more like a lightly-touch-and-observe-cake. But there were some adult casualties. #hestartedit My girl is an observing rule follower. Whether I'm excited or nervous about that is to be determined.

I'm in a bit of denial that it's been a year already, but I hear they just get faster. This year will be a new journey for us as parents with a different way of life in a brand new city and community. But as usual, we're excited.

The responsibility of raising a girl in this generation can feel a bit daunting at times. I know she's cute and squishy and all smiles now, but there may come a day when her rebellious spirit takes over and I cry on the bathroom floor after grounding her for a week.

And in those moments, I will find this post, and flip through her baby book and remember that she was created for a purpose.

I will remember her identity is not in being our daughter, but being God's daughter. 

He loves her more than we ever could and I will learn the freedom that comes with that truth.

-- But feel free to remind me. 

^^^Opinions, two-cents, questions and ramblings are welcome. And go above. Go ahead. Try it.

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