Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Little Seed that Made Me Blub

Let's be completely honest here, good kids books are hard to come by. Like really good kids books. We all have our favorite Dr. Suess (Are You My Mother?), or and we all sing and cry at the end of Love You Forever. Those are given. Can I get an amen? 

But when it comes to finding books, not just with good morals or "life lessons," but solid theological stimulation, Ty and I have come up pretty empty handed.

Until we discovered Graham Blanchard Books.

As I read Little Seed to Symphony, I was impressed with how much truth they packed into this tiny board book. Purpose, seasons of life, calling, strength, perseverance.

The story takes your child on a journey of this little sunflower seed that goes through the summer and winter and fall seasons, weathered yet protected by its tough, God given shell and finally takes root at it's final destination and blooms into this tall, strong, beautiful sunflower.

Confession: I bawled at the end of it.

But not because the sunflower blooms. Although, if you've read here for a while, you know things blooming, especially people, really get me.

I cried because the very last page of the book (spoiler alert) says, "One fall day, its seeds drifted to the ground...and so the life of one Little See became the life of many."

Thus, teaching my child that life isn't all about her! It's about legacy. It's about generations. It's about each of us living into our callings right where we are and then passing the baton. 

To think that we could teach a new generation these principles from early childhood; they'd be unstoppable. 

They'd have less tendency to see short-term ahead and a greater capacity to dream wide and long and far. 

There is no limit to legacy. (Click it to tweet it!) And I'm so thankful Graham Blanchard is fanning that flame.

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Symphony and I were gifted books (Little Seed, Close as Breath, & Jesus Saves Me) from Graham Blanchard Publishers. But all review and flamboyant approval and chatter is entirely my own. Let the record show I love them and the books they're creating for my child. 
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