Monday, July 21, 2014

Office Hours

I'm currently hashing my way through a post on what it's like working in the job I only dreamed existed. The pros far outweigh the cons, but there's a lot less glamour in the church worship world than people think. And to be honest, people think glamour because, well, that's what we show you.

The Starbucks meetings, the microphones, the lights, the big crowds and amazing sets. And while I thoroughly enjoy those aspects of the job, there are other, not-so-glamorous responsibilities and meetings that are just as, if not more important.

I get to go to work with some amazing people. Talented people. Real people. And I don't think it's fair to any of us, especially in the church world, to make this line of work out to be as pretty as a perfectly poured latte.

If you look through my Instagram, you'll see I am totally at fault for this.

So in the name of demystification, you'll see some more behind the scenes photos here. The real ones. Of our team talking, typing, writing, possibly debating. Unstrung guitars and cord filled stages. Boxes that the guys  some people can't seem to get rid of. Maybe even some post Sunday tonsils. jk. #itsnotpretty

This is going to be fun yea? See ya Sunday!

^^^Opinions, two-cents, questions and ramblings are welcome. And go above. Go ahead. Try it.

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