Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas from the Mo's

Christmas comes with all sorts of expectations, traditions, generations and institutions. It's nearly inescapable. 

And while all the bloggers I read religiously have posted about theirs (which I've had the best time reading and gleaning ideas), I feel like the four "tions" of Christmas and beyond for the Mo home are changing. Of course, there are one or two things that will never change, and I'm grateful for those. Love being the top. We know we are loved and we know we love. 

But as for the rest, we are in transition. I'm not sure what 2014 will bring for our little family. Despite our fresh and crisp and barely unwrapped day planners, I don't think anyone really ever does. But I do know that it will be new and maybe even a little scary. It always is. A little scary. 

But that's what we said last year too. And to be honest, the scary parts made it that much more beautiful. Why does it work out that way I wonder...

I don't know all that this year has brought for you, but I have heard and seen and read your stories. 

-Some of you are champions in my book. You have fought through a heavy and weighted year and you deserve more than a medal. I wish I could hug you. 
-Some of you are champions because you accomplished goals you never thought possible! You got literal medals! I wish I could hug you too. 
-Some of you had a well-deserved break from chaos and clutter this year. It wasn't easy breezy, but close to it. I want to buy you coffee and ask you how you did it!
-Some of you, well, your year is 2014 and I want to be your biggest fan. Start strong, keep stride, and push as hard as you can. You are good enough. 

Thank you for your gifts of friendship this year, no matter the degrees. And next year, let's do it all again shall we? 

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And just because I think it's cute and funny, this post has been the #1 read post on this blog since its birth: A Letter To My Brother on His Wedding Day. Who knew. ;)

Merry Christmas + a Happy New Year! See you on the other side. 

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Family portraits taken by the fabulous Emily Tingley with OopsyDaisy Photography. Book her. Trust me.
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