Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Idea of Baby Registry

Original photo via Chic&Cheap Nursery | Edited by JMorlet

Does anyone else think the (amazing) idea of registering for baby stuff, before you have a baby is a backwards one? 

Before Baby Mo, I was ecstatic about baby showers. Cute, frilly, pink and blue, smell-goody things wrapped in pretty bows. But now that she's on her way, I'm staring at my computer screen, open on my web browser and totally clueless as to what I need or want. 

What kind of bottles will we need? They're all pretty much the same right? A breast pump, do you register for that or borrow it? Do people do that? I heard breastfeeding is a little, um, painful, how do I make it not so much? Someone once told me about this one thing that goes on that one place and... And don't even get me started on strollers and carseats. Between recalls and lifestyles, my head is spinning. 

See what I mean? If you're on Facebook, you saw I threw out my plea and got some really helpful responses! I feel like I have everything, but brands and preferences always make me nervous. So now I'm asking you:

-What do you wish you had registered for?
-What brands are your absolute favorites? Especially on diapers!
- - -

**The wonderful thing about being a new momma is the wisdom pool of experienced mothers around you. Prior to computer and the world wide web, women still had each others backs. From baby showers and hospital visits, to midwives and doulas, women have always supported women in the area of motherhood. 

Thursdays here on The Girl that Sings are specifically for that. I need you and your passionate opinions and experiences. Just remember to be respectful. Bring on the comment conversations. 
^^^Opinions, two-cents, questions and ramblings are welcome. And go above. Go ahead. Try it.

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