Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Closing Instagram to Dignify Someone

You know that moment, when you're walking down the street, there's someone walking towards you and you do a quick assessment in your head about whether you have enough time to open Instagram and look busy or whether you're now in that awkward phase where you should probably acknowledge their existence?

Just me? Okay.

I have this moment almost everyday. More so since moving to LA. Sometimes it's easy to choose the smile or nod or even squeak out a hello. But more times than not, how much easier is it to just keep walking?

We think things like, You'll never see them again. They look busy too, right? They don't look friendly or like they want to be greeted. Yada yada yada. 

And sometimes, maybe those are true. But when they're not, and we do smile or wave or squeak out our hellos, we send the message that we see them.

In the craziness of life, we can often feel invisible, unheard or unseen, but when you and I acknowledge one another's existence, we dignify each other. 

Resist the urge to tap open Facebook or Instagram and dignify someone today.
^^^Opinions, two-cents, questions and ramblings are welcome. And go above. Go ahead. Try it.

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