Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Wall of Inspiration

So I had this idea last night before going to bed. I am going to create a wall of inspiration. I have so many girls that have sent in their stories and I have been greatly moved and crazy inspired by them all. So much so, that I thought it a good idea to make a wall full of this inspiration.

I have heard of writers dedicating an entire wall to their plot, characters, events, places, etc. But since I am not writing a fictional book, I saw no reason to do that. But now after reading through all these stories, I realized that you are my plot. You are my characters. You tell of the events and places [hypothetically]. So I want my wall to be of your stories and faces. I am excited! Renewed and ready to be inspired.


If you haven't sent your story in [it doesnt have to be long at all] please do. Send it to juliannamorlet@gmail.com

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