Monday, May 19, 2014

Hi My Name is Julianna and I'm Believing God

"Have you decided that what you have done or what you are doing is all you'll ever do? Ah, God's far too creative for that." Beth Moore |

I'm reading Beth's book, Believing God, with a group of my closest friends and our worlds are being turned upside down by the challenges she gives to move out of the mode of complacency into the action of faith.

"Faith is an action word," mama Beth reminds us. |

"The church, comprised of all believers in Jesus Christ, is generally pretending she's cloaked with kingdom power and effectiveness while in reality she has exposed herself in the powerlessness to the ridicule of the world."

See what I mean?

I don't want to finish this life, at whatever age God seems fit, and see that I never reached even remotely what God could have done with my life.

I don't want to regret being selfish.
I don't want to regret being scared.
I don't want to regret being so concerned with safety that I pace in the desert. Familiar, yes. Dry and weariness, even more so.

However, doubt is a big crux in my belief system. How about you?

I don't necessarily doubt God's existence or really that He lacks control, but I do doubt His goodness. Often. And I don't want to anymore.

I have no reason to. He's given me no reason to. 

I can't pinpoint one, not one, situation or circumstance that God failed me. There are plenty that give off the illusion of failure. Sexual abuse. Recession. Miscarriages. Church planting.

All those illusions are just that. Illusions. And if I back up far enough away from the pain and hurt and confusion to see the bigger picture, there's an answer. There's always an answer.

I want to move. I want to fight. I want to walk alongside my brothers and sisters in an action filled faith that allows us to see the supernatural kingdom of God rain down onto this earth.

I don't what exactly that looks like for me yet, and I can't say I'm not freaked out of my mind. But I hear awareness and discontentment with our own complacency is a good place to start.

Hi, my name is Julianna and from now on, I'm believing God. 

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