Thursday, February 6, 2014

7 Months and Searching for Balance Online

Hey remember that one time I had a kid and she was the spitting image of her daddy? Everyone says she'll start looking like me as she gets older but… I've resigned. She's a pretty cute version of my most handsome man. ( < Sounds like I have more than one man, some less handsome than others, but that's not how I meant it. You know that.)

Blogging about Baby Girl Mo has been a point of tension for me. From the looks of this blog, it may appear I do not like blogging about my kid. However, the contrary is true. I've had to wrestle with how much to post about my girl, when to post about her, what to post about her and really ask myself why. 

I've seen a couple of blogger friends (and people I consider friends but they most likely only know me by "that girl who likes all of my IG pics") go through this baby blogging dilemma. Some gracefully and methodically and others more, hm, honestly and raw.

 The problem I'm having is that I've gleaned from both. 

I've benefited from the raw, realistic, all out messy photos and stories of motherhood. I've related with her glaring insecurity and daunting inadequacies. I've cried tears of understanding (and laughter) when she talked about her body parts not going back to normal and her marriage taking a bit of a hit for a time. 

But then I've also admired the privacy. The lack of details and the eloquent verbiage that still conveyed this human connection of motherhood. 

So we're still deciding who the Morlet Family will be in this cyber space of a place. 
We're still thinking through how to be vulnerable and yet, us. 
For now, we're attempting to walk the line between the two and if we find it impossible, well, let's not get ahead of ourselves. 

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Are you an online sharer or privateer? 
How have you made decisions to post family stuff online? 

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