Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gobble Gobble.

Going to the parents today and parent-in-laws tomorrow.
Had a turkey dinner with friends on Tuesday and it was goooooood.
What I love about Thanksgiving is that it just has that thing about it.
You know that thing that makes you want to just sit and laugh with your friends and family for hours. 
Playing games, eating pumpkin pie, drinking cider and telling old childhood stories.
Stories that you tell every year without fail.

Sometimes I wonder why Christmas and Thanksgiving had to be so closer together. 
That way we could span out this season all year long. 

My favorite part of the Thanksgiving feast is the Sweet Potato Souffle my momma makes. 
I made my own version on Tuesday but today we get to have the real deal. Mmmm.
And Pumpkin pie of course. And turkey. Ok, I think I  just love it all.

This Thanksgiving I'm especially thankful for my family. They have been a huge support to Ty and I this first year of marriage. I love my parents dearly and we are quite close, but this last year of marriage they've so eloquently let me go to begin my new life with my new family, but they're never too far away when I need a little help [or a kick in the butt].
I adore that about them.

Happy Thanksgiving friends! 
And don't forget to wear your Thanksgiving pants.


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