Thursday, February 19, 2015

What I Want to Tell My Daughter About Sex Trafficking

Hopefully, if we do this generation right, nothing.
Hopefully, it will no longer exist.
Hopefully, it will be a horrific part of history she reads about in school.
Hopefully, it will be one of the biggest victories the Christian Church has seen to date.

When my girl comes home from school and asks why bad men take girls and do bad things to them, I hope that my generation did everything they could so we can say, because there is evil in the world baby. 

But we know God is bigger than that! And by His power, because He said with Him we can do anything, the people in our world gathered together and gave all they could to make sure it was stopped on our watch

I want to be able to tell her it looked impossible, but we did it.
I want to be able to tell her that while evil is real and dark and big, God is bigger and His love reaches into every nook and cranny of this earth. 

No parent wants their kid to experience fear.
(Maybe the fear of getting their booty swatted every now and then but you know...)

No parent wants to see terror in their daughter's or son's eyes when either they find out or experience how dark this world can be.

We want them to be free to be whoever they want to be, with no strings attached.
No fear.
No heartache.


And while I do not live in a world of illusions, I know, because studies have shown, there are problems that plague humanity today that are utterly and completely mendable. Annihilable. Vanquishable. Vanishable. They can cease to exist. 

We just have to do something. Anything to cause a ripple effect.

I want to tell my little girl that the her doctor is a walking miracle.
Her teacher isn't supposed to be here.
Her president, that movie star, those astronauts, that police officer, business owner, CEO, worship leader, pastor, lawyer...

...they have stories that will blow her mind. 

I want so badly, for her to see the loving hands of God, through our obedience, weaving redemption into the fabric of this world at a pace never seen before.

Don't you? 

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I'll do my part, you do yours and together we can change the world. I promise. 

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