Sunday, February 1, 2015

They're Just Girls Aren't They? | My Refuge House Art Show

"People who've interacted with our girls all come back with the same thought. 'They're just girls aren't there?' They giggle, they laugh, they love clothes and average girly things. You'd never know from first look how deep their wounds go and how vast their pain. That's because they've experienced love."

Crystal is the Executive Director of My Refuge House the bomb. I've met a lot of passionate women who are doing big, beautiful, amazingly life changing things.

But Crystal, she is changing the world. One girl at a time. 

My Refuge House, located in the Philippines, is a safe home for girls rescued from the human sex trade. Currently, My Refuge House is called "home" by 12 girls, with grand plans to house another 12-50 more. 

Tyson and I had the honor of performing at the Annual My Refuge House Art Show. These girls, this cause, this movement is something that makes our hearts bleed. We each have our stories of how we got to the place of determination to put an end to this horrendous tragedy, and together, we've made it our resolution to do everything we can, whenever we can to make sure it happens. 

And right now, that's partnering with Crystal and her team at My Refuge House.

The theme of the evening was "We Step Into the Light." 

Each girl in the home was paired with an artist who crafted and fashioned a piece of art they felt depicted their girls triumph. Victory. Freedom. 

You guys, these pieces would make you bawl. 

Some were eloquent, some were poignant. Some were filled with grace and fluidity, while others were courageous and warrior-like. But every single one beamed with love. Pure, unadulterated love. A new love these girls had never known before coming to My Refuge House. 

Isn't that crazy? They never knew love. 

The sex trade sometimes feels too big, too bad, too untouchable to be stopped. And isn't it true that when we feel overwhelmed, it's just easier to sit down and do nothing? Isn't easier to feel pity, or even disgust and fervor, and yet, when action is necessary, we have no clue where to start?

Me too. Me too

Until now. Because of men and women like Crystal and her team, we can do something. Tangible. Right now. Like 3 seconds ago. 

We can be the wheels and tracks and coal by which their train operates. They have the tools to heal and restore. I don't. But I have the tools and resources to fuel their restoration process. They don't. 

We need them. They need us. Or this thing never gets handled. 

So here's my proposition for you:

Ty and I have committed that for the month of February, we'd like to raise $2700 that goes directly to My Refuge House. $2700 is not a lot. 
  • That's 540 of us donating ONE DAY of coffee ($5). 
  • Or 270 of us not eating at Chic Fil A for ONE MEAL ($10).
  • Or 135 of us skipping that dress sale just this ONCE ($20).
Feel me? 

We can do this guys. You have been so generous in the past with way bigger goals and that's why I love this community so much.

You guys aren't the typical "blog readers." You aren't really blog readers at all. You are community. You are encouragers. You are empowers.

You are world changers. 

Will you help me change a little more of the world this month? 

Click to give your donation of $5, $10, or $20 via My Refuge House's super secure and tax deductible site. (Make sure to use the provided link so we can track how much $$ raised.)

Know someone who is passionate and overwhelmed about this too? Tell them you found something small they can do to start with! We have custom Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pics just for you. 

Yup. We want to show you your sacrifice means the world, so we're giving you a little gem of music. A free download will be coming later this month! You're the first to hear about it!

^^^Opinions, two-cents, questions and ramblings are welcome. And go above. Go ahead. Try it.

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