Thursday, December 4, 2014

Jewelry with Meaning | Gracewear Collection

You guys, I finally found proof Symphony is my child! (Minus the whole child-birth thing.) Accessories! I mean, most of the world can tell this kid belongs to Tyson Morlet. #twinsies But she possess very few Mama features so far. 

Until now. She loves accessories. And "love" is an understatement. She plays with them most the day and can spot them like a detective in the stores. She wants all her necklaces on before breakfast and will wear them any time we leave the house. (I guess I should be grateful it's not a boisterous costume or anything. Yet.) 
The funniest part is how we discovered this obsession. We were at a friend's house and Symphony and their little girl had disappeared for a little while. It's their norm for them to play sweetly and quietly for a good amount of time. I got up to check on them and I heard this jingling sound coming from the room. 

Awe, they're playing with the musical instruments, I thought to myself as I rounded the corner. 


There was my daughter, covered from head to toe in nearly every fashion accessory this little girl owned. I mean everything. Tiara, headbands, 45 necklaces (Minimum!), rings, bracelets and of course the pink sparkling heels. 

I died. 
Since then I've been scouring thrift stores, Forever 21 sales section, and website to find jewelry for my girl. That's when I met Gracewear

Their collection of adult stuff is beautiful, but their jewelry for girls is what caught my attention. They've found a way to make delicately sweet pieces for girls that hold so much meaning and inspiration.

Based on Ephesians 6 and the armor of God, Gracewear's jewelry was created to remind it's wearer that the armor of God never leaves us. It's something we wear everyday, as followers of Christ and it's not just an accessory. It's a weapon meant for battle. A shield meant for safety. A sword meant to bring light and cut the darkness that surrounds us. 

As you can see from the photos above, Sym adores her bracelets and I can't wait for her to start comprehending the meaning of the jewelry she loves so much. She wears them everyday, naturally, and I can't wait to teach her how significant that really is. Not that the jewelry will protect her, but that it reminds us the One who will

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This post contains affiliate links that should go towards a college fund or something but will probably go towards buying Sym more jewelry ;) The bracelet's she is wearing the photos were also gifted graciously from Gracewear

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