Monday, September 8, 2014

23 Pieces of Advice for College Freshman

You've made it. The time you've been anticipating for the last four years has finally arrived, and while your Mom has been holding back her sobbing for the last couple days, you are out of your mind excited and nervous.

You pack your bags and secure your graduation gift Starbucks cards securely in your new totally hipster wallet. You and Mom make seven more Target runs and go over all the check lists you found on Pinterest, making sure you don't forget a single necessity. And by necessity, you know I mean those wedges you saw on sale. Duh.

Everything is new. Clean. Fresh.

Your un-inked college ruled notebooks giggle things like, opportunity, freedom, imagination.

What do these next four years hold exactly? Who will you be at the end of this tunnel?

You will be different. 

I don't know the details of your experiences ahead, but here is my big-sisterly advice to you:
  1. You will meet people who will change your life forever; some will make it better and some will make it worse.
  2. Be nice to everyone but choose your friends wisely.
  3. Professors are professional pushers. Don't be offended when you get your first F. Do better.
  4. Some study nights are just too intense for coffee. Insert Red Bull.
  5. Talk to your roommate. You'll be together for 9 months.
  6. Also on roommates, remember they might have been raised differently than you. "Doing laundry" might mean Febreze-ing. #dontjudge
  7. Everyone puts on a good show the first few weeks. The cute boy you saw in orientation might be really bad news.
  8. Also on boys, don't rush into it and it's okay to say no.
  9. Group dates are the easiest way to get to know a guy. No pressure.
  10. Take your vitamins.
  11. Call your mom. She's worried about you.
  12. Get involved as soon as possible. Clubs, groups, sports, committees.
  13. Study your professors. Listen for hints on what they like and always be on time to class. It will go well with you.
  14. Sit in the front.
  15. "Freshman 15" and "Ring by Spring" are real things. #dontfreakout
  16. Don't be afraid of $8/hr. Minimum wage has gotten many of us through college.
  17. US History might not feel very practical, but the A or B at the end of the semester is.
  18. Grades aren't everything, but they are something.
  19. It's okay to change your major. More than once. Or twice.
  20. In three years, Senioritis will return. With a vengeance. #highschoolflashback
  21. Make memories.
  22. Every decision you make will affect your future. Think ahead and think beyond the school walls.
  23. You can be anyone you want. Don't settle and dream bigger.

Get ready to think differently, feel differently, talk differently, dream differently. This is the beginning of a wonderful adventure.

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This post was originally written by me for last year's Freshman. Congrats, you're sophomores now! Be nice to the Freshman.
^^^Opinions, two-cents, questions and ramblings are welcome. And go above. Go ahead. Try it.

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