Thursday, April 3, 2014

What's Your Birth Story?

While motherhood is a very prevalent part of my current season, I try to limit myself to a once a week gush. It's usually Thursdays. Thanks for reading. ---

My best friend is pregnant, and so is another best friend, and so is my sister. You'd think being surrounded by all these pregos would give me baby fever again...and it does. But not in a lets-have-another-one way. More like, oh-lets-talk-about-birth-stories way. 

I loved every moment of my labor and delivery with Baby Girl Mo. Even the scary parts (like pushing for 5 hours) seem like a beautiful piece of the mosaic. Every story needs a little suspense and tension and fear to make it good right? 

I could talk about that day for hours upon hours. Every detail. Every nuance. 
The nurses I did like and the ones I, um, didn't prefer. 
The view from my window and the overwhelming smell of antibacterial soaps. 
How our families flooded my delivery room and we played games and laughed while my contractions were shooting off the chart. 
And how I cried when my bestie called during labor.
My mother praying over me while I pushed.
My sisters face when the head began to crown.
Ty's championing voice so close to my face that I could feel the steam from his tears. 
The pushing, the meditating, the concentrating, and yes, even the pain.
And then the scream. The wailing scream of my sweet first born child. 

Yes, I love that day. 

And since then, whenever I see a mom, I'm compelled to ask her about her "day." It seemed a little intrusive the first time the question flew from my lips, but to my surprise, most women love talking about their day! 

So I figured, why not go cyber with the question!

What was you day like?! 
Was it exactly how you planned or did you get a few surprises?
  • If you're a blogger, share the link to your birth story in the link up below.
  • Don't have a blog? That's okay! Write your story in the comments. There's no maximum so type away!

^^^Opinions, two-cents, questions and ramblings are welcome. And go above. Go ahead. Try it.

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