Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Our Love Story | Part 2

Two months later, due to the 2008 recession, I lost $10,000 in student loans allocated to my Junior year of college. I had no idea what to do. My parents and I crunched numbers all night to see how much we could scrape up, how many jobs I would need to get and hours I needed to work in each to make this next year happen. 

But there was no way. I know thousands lost abundantly more than their college tuition but I was crushed. And confused. And aimless. 

So I came home. Against everything I felt, all the possibilities my life in Michigan had created for me, against the love I thought would last forever, against the friendships I would likely never be able to keep, I came home. 

What now? 

My dad talked me into taking a year at home and starting the degree program our church was hosting. Ok, I said. I guess until I can get my feet beneath me. 

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