Friday, October 18, 2013

The Job Song | Free Background Download

FREE Computer Background Download
FREE iPhone Lock Screen Download

The Job Song has been on repeat in my head this week. Tough lyrics but so much conviction. Trusting God is not something I'm good at. I rarely understand His ways until after the fact. I have way too many "Ooooooh that's what You were doing," moments for a girl who's been following Jesus since her tween years. But isn't that the beauty of faith? It's kind of ironic if you think about it. Faith is something learned, but you never really learn it fully. Beautifully ironic, is this grace thing. 

Anyways, BabyMo's nap time + creative bug resulted in some free goodies for you all today. I hope you like them and more importantly, I hope they are an encouraging reminder of God's grace for you today. 

How to Save | 
(Computer: Click photo to make bigger + right click + save to your computer + set as desktop)
(Phone: Hold finger on photo + save image + set as lock/home screen)
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