Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Merry Christmas Music, From the Mo's

Starting Christmas music on October 1 is Morlet tradition.

Well, it's more like "Jules" tradition, because Mr. Mo can't seem to lose his grinch face until about October 31. 

Christmas music represents so much more to me than melodies and harmonies for a particular season. It represents memories. It's the nostalgia of childhood, the romance of my 20's and the glittering excitement firsts we get to share anew with our baby girl.

In high school I use to complain about the lack of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas morning to discover new music. With everyone creating and recreating old classics, 30 days just isn't enough time to listen to it all. So in 2006 I started a tradition of blasting Christmas music on October first.

From the halls of the girls' dorm to my West Hollywood apartment, we're on year seven of this glorious tradition.

I love waking up to friends texts and Facebook tags saying things like "Did you get your eggnog last night?" and "I'm listening to Michael Buble in honor of you."

Yup, it's awesome.

So here's to another year of the best genre of music there is!

What I'm Listening to This Season (continually being added to)

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