Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Fab Five

It is crazy to think that I am now of the age where I can say, "Back when I was in college..." This blog goes out to my college girls for life. We only spent two years together but they were full of fun and crazy memories...as you will see. There were five of us and we liked to believe we were hilarious. We were inseparable.

-These girls made me break the dorm rules the very first night of school...we snuck out to McD's for some ice cream...and got caught of course.

-We would watch scary movies and then try to see who could scare the others the most.

-Freshman year, we sat and talked for hours about the boys in our classes.

-We would predict who we thought the others would marry...none of us were right :)

-We would dance all the time, in our rooms and down the hallways.

-Pranks were inevitable, mostly on the freshman. One time they got my room baaaad. Chips in the bed, baby powder in my hairdryer, diapers ducktaped to the ceiling, and a big sign that said, "We love you!"

-When the sun didn't come out for 3 weeks, I began to feel droggy and sad, and they made me a giant sunshine and posted it in my room before I got home from class.

-They took me to the beach [in January] to cheer me up after a breakup.

-We threw each other in the shower...fully clothed. All the time.

-We cheered each other on @ our school basketball and soccer games.

-We went everywhere together...meals, church, classes, chapels, road trips.

-We argued...alot. But always made it through still loving each other.

-We felt the liberty to speak truths into one another's lives.

-We cried together when times got tough and life was hard.

-We laughed with each other about nearly anything and everything.

Now we're all split up in 3 different states, some graduated from college, others still pluggin' through. Some married and some almost married. No kiddos yet, but I'm sure it won't be long. We're all grown up but will never forget those days. [especially after they see these videos :)]

Sleep over @ Amanda's house, in the middle of the country.

Valentines Day/Amy and my birthday celebration. We bought those shorts because we thought it'd be fun...and it was. This is also proof about the dancing part. And note, Hannah's kicking Amy in the face.

This is what people do for fun @ the beginning of winter in MI. We slide on the snow in the parking lot.

I love you So, Amy, Hannah, & Mandie. Always will.


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