Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Knight in Shining Armor.

I know this is late, but I was out of contact with all major electronic communication for the past week so today is my catchup day. Sunday was Father's Day and I hope you all had lots of good food and Dad time.

Many of you know my Dad and will agree with me when I say, "He is the best". This man came into my life when I was 9 years old and our great God could not have picked a more perfectly influential time. I proudly call him my first Knight in Shining Armor, because that is what he is.

The list is endlessly filled with things he taught me, grew in me, pushed in me, and showed to me, but here are just a few:

-He taught me how to play the guitar.
-He taught me how to ski.
-He taught me how to drive my first car [an '84 Volvo].
-He goes out of his way to make us laugh until all of us pee our pants.
-He made me breakup with my first boyfriend.
-He taught me that boys only cause girls to be more emotional.
-He cared enough to monitor my wardrobe as a teenage girl.
-He disciplined me as if I were an adult, not a child.
-He trusted me to make the right decisions.
-He taught me how to change the oil in my car.
-He taught me the great treasure of loving Jesus.
-He was always ready to talk when I needed him and bold enough to give me advice he knew I wouldn't like.
-He never shut down any of my crazy dreams and desires.
-He flew with me and my mom to North Carolina for a singing competition I'd never win, just to show me he believed in me.
-He is a family man.
-He never turns his back on his children.
-He built our house with his own hands.
-He never runs out of grace and mercy for us.
-He showed me what to look for in my husband and that "a man tried and true will always rise above the rest."
-He treated us as his own flesh and blood.
-He is a man of his word.
-He taught me what the love of a father truly looks like.

And most importantly,
He loves my mother.

That is my father. He is a tool, used by God, to redeem our family. As a now married woman, I cannot express the gratitude I have for my father. By his actions, he showed me what a true man of God looks like so that my sisters and I would have a template for our husbands.

I love you dad. I always will. You are forever my first Knight in Shining Armor.

~Your Julie.

My 10th Bday Party.

Christmas Eve 1999.

Our 2 year house-building project. It was a family ordeal.

My Senior year in HS.

One of the craziest moments in my life.

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